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Exclusive Buyers Agency

  • Do you only represent Buyers?
    Yes. But I also know a lot of great agents, and love helping Sellers hire agents who are right for them. Ask me about referrals!
  • Why do you only work for Buyers?
    Because you have your own needs, and the deck is stacked against you in a BC Real Estate Transaction. And honestly because, even though it’s the harder side of the transaction, it’s just more fun. Probably like 80/20 those things. It can vary.
  • What is an Exclusive Buyer Agent?
    An EBA is an agent that represents only buyers of real estate. EBAs don’t take listings and, therefore, never represent the seller in a real estate sale. They have a unique legal and fiduciary duty to represent your interests.
  • Do you work everywhere in BC?
    Yes! I help with purchase planning and agent referrals in all BC real estate markets. Try me!
  • If I’m a seller can you help me too?
    Yes. I help Sellers get good agents for themselves all the time. Just tell me where you are and I’ll tell you who I’d recommend and why. I love doing that. And you can have part of a referral fee so you’ll save on real estate fees. Real estate referrals have rules. Learn what they are here.
  • What's your industry experience?
    I've been a REALTOR® for 17 years, and an Exclusive Buyers Agent for 2. Plus I’ve volunteered on local and national real estate industry boards of directors. Which is to say I know lots of REALTORS that can help me get you started- where ever you want to go. Try me!
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