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  • What is an Exclusive Buyer Agent?
    An EBA is an agent that represents only the Buyers in a real estate transaction. They have a unique legal and fiduciary duty to represent the Buyers' interests. I'm an expert in BC Buyers' transactions.
  • Do you work everywhere in BC?
    Yes! I help with purchase planning and agent referrals in all BC real estate markets. Try me!
  • I’m a seller, can you help me too?
    Yes. Contact me today and let's talk about getting your home sold faster, and for more. I also give great agent referrals to sellers across BC. Call me with your situation and I'll put you on the right track.
  • What's your industry experience?
    Residential & Commercial REALTOR® for 17 years fmr. Regional Director BC and the Yukon, Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) fmr. President Kootenay Real Estate Board (KREB)
  • What is 'Moving To BC'?
    Moving To BC was concieved as a referral service to help people connect with the best Realtors, across BC (and Canada) for free and informative consultations before you start the proces guesed it: Moving to BC!
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